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New NC Fortune Cookie

Posted on May 9, 2013

There seems to be a new fortune cookie for sale at the NC Mall: NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie. We will be updating our NC Fortune Cookies guide shortly with information on this cookie.  Until then, a quick rundown.  When you open this cookie it will allow you to donate 2-4 NC items per day to the money tree for 4 days.  In return, you are rewarded each time with either NC (anywhere from 25-150NC), items, or a new Money Tree Capsule that has some new LE's in it.  Also, the items donated do actually show up at the money tree, so if you always wanted to snag some NC items stake out the money tree for awhile.

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NC Mall: New NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie

Posted on May 9, 2013

Got a bunch of NC items laying around that you wish you could get rid of? Now's your chance! With this new fortune cookie you will be able to donate those items and exchange them for either Neocash, other NC Items, or Neopoints via a Money Tree!


The cookie will give you a specific amount of items you have to donate. You MUST have that number of items in order to make the exchange. The NC items you may obtain come in the form of the Money Tree Mystery capsule listed below.


This cookie lasts four days. Before purchasing, PLEASE read the FAQ.




175 NC




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