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How to Use Greasemonkey

Posted on May 2, 2011

greasemonkey1 How to Use GreasemonkeyGreasemonkey is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox which will allow you to "Customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript." What this means is that Greasemonkey (GM from now on) will allow you to run scripts, or mini-programs in your browser. This can be very useful for many things - adblocking, autobuying, scoresending, simply changing the way you see your webpages, and all this with very little work on your part!

When you are using Greasemonkey, nothing changes for anyone else. The changes you see are only for you, so when you are using Neopets Cheats that use Greasemonkey, only you can see the script running. Greasemonkey also has a very low freeze rate, practically zero because unlike programs, Greasemonkey is practically impossible to trace.

Greasemonkey is 100% free. None of that ad or survey bullshit you'll find on other neopets cheats sites.

To use Greasemonkey,
1. Download FireFox
2. Download Greasemonkey FF Plug-In
3. Restart Browser.

Note that this is still only in FireFox, so people using Safari, Chrome, IE... You'll need FireFox for this to work!

Alright, you've got GM installed now, so what do you do with it?

Above, I talked about running 'scripts' in your browser. These scripts can be obtained in a number of ways: You can write them yourself, which can be very difficult; or you can download them from a number of different sites, like which GM recommends themselves.

From here on, I'll be assuming that you just downloaded a script and want to install it. That's an important thing, right? After you download a script, it will have a name like "script.user" or "filename.user". In order to make it work in your browser, you'll need to install it. Simply right click and choose Open With, then open it with FireFox. A pop-up will appear asking you if you want to install, click yes. Voila; you've got a new function in your browser!

The Greasemonkey plug-in, can be found by going to Tools>Greasemonkey. Here you can enable/disable Greasemonkey, and manage your downloaded scripts.

We will be posting various scripts below this post for you to use.


All the Neopets Hacks listed in this section will require Greasemonkey.

y20e58v How to Use Greasemonkey

Neopets Neoquest Guide – Trainer

Posted on May 2, 2011

Automatically battles and moves left and right for you.


Rohane: Attacks
Mipsy: Casts group haste, then does direct damage
Talinia: Attacks
Velm: casts group healing, unless all members have full health, otherwise does group shielding

*Automatic page hiccup detection
*Page reloads after 10 seconds (sorry 56k users!! you can edit the script though, change the bottom line of the script's number to however many milliseconds you want it to reload)
*moves left and right repeatedly (best on hunting mode, if you have trouble staying alive stay on normal mode)
*checks for low health (red/yellow hp) and heals based on user defined healing item

To be sure this works, go to the url: about:config and add these values
greasemonkey.scriptvals. II Trainer.goLeft , boolean, false
greasemonkey.scriptvals. II Trainer.healingItem , integer, see below

30011 Healing Vial 15 HP
30012 Healing Flask 25 HP
30013 Healing Potion 35 HP
30014 Healing Bottle 50 HP
30021 Potion of Regeneration 60 HP
30022 Potion of Fortitude 70 HP
30023 Potion of Growth 80 HP
30031 Potion of Potent Health 90 HP
30032 Potion of Greater Health 100 HP
30033 Potion of Abundant Health 110 HP
30041 Vitality Potion 120 HP
30042 Stamina Potion 130 HP
30043 Constitution Potion 140 HP
30051 Faerie's Gift Potion 150 HP
30052 Fyora's Blessing Potion 160 HP
30053 Jhudora's Lifeforce Potion 170 HP

Use the ID's on the left

greasemonkey.scriptvals. II Trainer.hitTarget , integer, 5
greasemonkey.scriptvals. II Trainer.isHasted , boolean, false

Download2 300x66 Neopets Neoquest Guide   Trainer

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.

y20e58v Neopets Neoquest Guide   Trainer

Neopets AutoAdopter – Pound Cheats

Posted on May 2, 2011

Remember the good old quick adopt link before the Pound was revamped? This Script is almost identical to it. It brings up another textbox above the Search engine in the Pound so you just enter the pet's name and boom, adopted. It saves the time it takes you to go to the next page with the Pet's image and clicking Adopt. NOTE: This isn't an AA.

Download2 300x66 Neopets AutoAdopter   Pound Cheats

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.

y20e58v Neopets AutoAdopter   Pound Cheats

Neopets Neoboards AutoPoster/AutoBumper

Posted on May 2, 2011

Bumps any neoboard you want. Just go to the board, and turn this script on and it will keep bumping the board until you tell it to stop. Great for people selling stuff on the Trading board or Shop Ads board icon smile Neopets Neoboards AutoPoster/AutoBumper

Download2 300x66 Neopets Neoboards AutoPoster/AutoBumper

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.

y20e58v Neopets Neoboards AutoPoster/AutoBumper

Battledome AutoTrainer

Posted on May 1, 2011

This script automatically picks the stats for your pet in the cheapest order, then finds out what codestones it will need, then goes into your safety deposit box and takes out the stones and finally pays for the lesson.

You can also now choose which pet you wish to train if you have more than 1 pet.

Stock up and store all 10 codestones in your safety deposit box.
To get this to start simply go to your status page at the island trainer.

Download2 300x66 Battledome AutoTrainer

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.

y20e58v Battledome AutoTrainer

Snow Wars Cheat – Autoplayer

Posted on May 1, 2011

Autoplays Snow Wars.

Download2 300x66 Snow Wars Cheat   Autoplayer

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.

y20e58v Snow Wars Cheat   Autoplayer

Round Table Poker Cheats – Autoplayer

Posted on May 1, 2011

Tells you what hands the other players have, autoclicks through until you need to decide what to do. I slimmed this down to be more generic for public use because people obviously want to play differently than me and possibly even carelessly to have a chance at the trophy. Hope you enjoy. Oh and as a side note if it doesn't tell you what the player is holding they have a pair or less.

Download2 300x66 Round Table Poker Cheats   Autoplayer

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.

y20e58v Round Table Poker Cheats   Autoplayer

Neopets Cheat – Cheat

Posted on May 1, 2011

A cheat on the neopets game "Cheat". Makes it so you always have all options for cards.

Download2 300x66 Neopets Cheat   Cheat

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.


y20e58v Neopets Cheat   Cheat

Double or Nothing Cheats – Autoplayer

Posted on May 1, 2011

It flips until the last flip of 81,920. Yes it will stop and you will get the last flip. I got the gold trophy easily with this one. Your chance of getting the neopoint is just a tiny bit less then the amount you "should" win so use this for the trophy only really. Good luck on the last flip icon razz Double or Nothing Cheats   Autoplayer

Download2 300x66 Double or Nothing Cheats   Autoplayer

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.


y20e58v Double or Nothing Cheats   Autoplayer

Money Tree Grabber

Posted on May 1, 2011

Tries to pick up CODESTONES when items appear in Money Tree.

Download2 300x66 Money Tree Grabber

You need to have Greasemonkey install first.

y20e58v Money Tree Grabber