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Neopets Pound/Adopt Guide

Posted on May 6, 2011


AAers (Auto Adopters) - Also known as Auto Sitters: The pet lender's mortal enemy. Cheaters make programs that lurk in the pound and adopt up painted or LE pets at super-human speeds. It's sad because these accounts are usually frozen (with good cause, because it is cheating and against the rules), but the pets get frozen with the account. 🙁 But do not fear: The auto-adopters usually need your pet's name in order to 'hunt' it. See the AA section in the 'If you are considering lending' for tips on how to keep the AAers off your pet's tail. New: I also recommend visiting Macky's Petpage for information on how to keep these vile programs AWAY from your pet. 🙂

Pound Sitter: A user who spends time refreshing at the pound looking for rare pets. These are a lesser enemy to a pet lender. They are doing nothing wrong and are not breaking any rules, but they make a lender's life harder - many pets have been lost to pound sitters. It's a case of good luck for the pound sitter, bad luck for the pet lender. Pound sitters should not be harassed for adopting pets, it is well within anyone's right to adopt any pet that is in the pound for any length of time.

Painted Pet: A pet that is any other colour besides the standard colours it comes in (red, yellow, blue and green would all be unpainted pets. brown, white & purple are standard/unpainted colours for Grundos ONLY). It doesn't matter how the pet became that color, painted, zapped, etc... this is basically a shortcut to saying any non-standard coloured pet that makes it rare and more likely to be grabbed from the pound.

LE Pet (Limted Edition Pet): Any pet that cannot be created on most days. These include pets that need to be hatched or made from a certain item or potion, or are available on certain days only. These pets are rare no matter what color they are, and are more likely to be grabbed from the pound. LE pets include: Krawk, Draik, Cybunny, Poogle, Koi, Chomby, Kiko, Jetsam, Tonu, Hissi and Lutari.(Technically, Krawks are called 'restricted', but yeah same thing, okay?)

Lending "For Free": Technically, all lends are "free" in regards to neopoints, since it is against Neo T&C to buy or sell pets, or to request any compensation or "tips" for any kind of lend. Usually with Pet Lending, lending for free means to lend for nothing in return. Sometimes lenders will only lend to people who will lend them a different pet in return. There is still no exchange of neopoints or items in these transactions.

Once you are at the transfer link, you will see all of your pets with a "Transfer" button beneath them.
Click Transfer.
Depending on your browser, you may get a notice at the top of the window that saysThis website is using a scripted window to ask you for information. If you trust this website, click here to allow scripted windows.
Click the error message, and choose "Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows
Click the Transfer button again, and enter the name of the person you are sending the pet to into the pop-up box.
Tip: Be sure to type in the name correctly, copy and paste works best. Verify the copy paste first by pasting it into a search window and making sure it goes to their lookup.

Once you click OK on the pop-up, the pet will be on their way, there is no 'last chance' confirmation.

You will then get a message telling *** has not yet accepted the transfer.
The user has three days to accept the transfer. If they do not accept, the pet is returned to you, and that will count as your monthly outgoing transfer. The 1000NP fee is not refunded.
You will get an event icon once the transfer is complete.

Each account has one incoming transfer, and one outgoing transfer per month.
This is a calendar month, so your transfers will be reset on the first of the next month - not 30 days.

Each pet can only be transferred once per day, so all lends via safe transfer will be overnight lends.

The person sending the pet will be charged 1,000 NP for the transfer, and the person receiving will be charged the adoption fee.
Adoption Fee = (strength + defense + movement + 60) x level (add, THEN multiply)

All "Non-Restricted" clothing that the pet is wearing will be transferred with the pet to the new owner. "Restricted" Items that will not be transferred are: NC Items, No-Trade Items, and Battledome items. Any "restricted items" that the neopet is wearing or equipped with will be returned to the sender's inventory. These should be returned back to the pounder's inventory, but this has been glitchy and items have been lost. To be safe, it is best to remove all weapons and restricted clothing from the pet first.

Save any petpages or pet lookups you wish to keep, because the coding is cleared when the pet is transferred.

In case you miss the event, you can check on whether you have any open Pet-Transfers Here:

this list to see if you will be able to adopt.

  • Verify you are searching for the correct pet name. Copy/paste is best, and also copy/paste that name into another window to search for the pet and view its lookup to verify.
  • Familiarize yourself with the adoption process.
  • The "OLD" Quick Adopt Link is not working. There is no new "Quick Adopt Link" that has been discovered yet.

    The closest we have is the search link:
    (replace "PETNAMEHERE" with the pet's actual name) to transfer pets.

    When you go to that page, you should see the error:
    No abandoned Neopets were found with that name.

    If you keep refreshing on that page, the pet should appear as soon as it hits the pound. As soon as you see the pet appear, you need to click the button that says "Adopt" in the lower right corner of the square.

    Once you click this, a pop-up window will come up to confirm the adoption. You need to either click "OK" or quickly hit the Enter key (faster).

    Once you click the 'OK' button you will own the pet, and be redirected to your quick reference page.

    If you have your pin enabled, you will need to enter it before pounding. If you're not very familiar with pounding, it's best to turn it off on your site preferences here:

    There are 5 buttons that you must push before the pet will actually be pounded.

    Note: There used to be specific sequence of sayings on the buttons, but now it appears that they are completely random. Also, if you refresh on the page, it does not "start the clicks over" ~ meaning that if you have already clicked 4 times, you will only need to click one more time to abandon the pet.

    It is best if you do not click at all ahead of time, and instead click all 5 times quickly when you are ready to pound.

    When you are lending, have 3 windows open:
    One window open to the pound to abandon.
    One window open to the pet's lookup (where you can see who the owner is)
    One window open with the search page entered and ready to refresh
    After pounding, quickly refresh the pet's lookup. If the pet is still in the pound after 2 quick refreshes, quickly switch to the window with the search page and refresh to 'grab back' your pet. It's a good idea for borrowers to do the same when returning.

    Be sure the Catcher is Able to Catch & Return - Confirm before pounding that the person catching the pet has all the qualifications needed. Personally, I require a checklist to be confirmed before I will even begin talking about the pounding times and such. My checklist:

    - Familiar with Pound Transfers?
    - Have 1000+ Neopoints out? -for adoption and re-pounding fees. The amount of neopoints needed to borrow your pet will vary according to the pet's level. You can check this by using the belwo formula:
    (strength + defense + movement + 60) x level
    (add the str, def, mov and 60 first, THEN multiply by level)

    - Account is over 4 Months Old?
    For pets that are painted, LE or above level two. See the new rule for the pound: "Pets that are above level 2, are limited-edition species, or that have been painted with certain rare or expensive paintbrushes, CANNOT be adopted by any account younger than four months. So be careful when abandoning a pet, if you're planning on trying to re-adopt it!
    - Have 3 or less pets?
    Obviously, if they already have four pets, they will not be able to adopt yours when you pound it.
    - Is your Pin Turned Off?
    This can be changed here:
    - Not Pounded Yet Today? You can only leave one pet in the pound per day, since "It's already crowded in here!". If someone has already pounded a pet that day, they will not be able to return your pet until after midnight (NST).

    Verify the Account Age: Accounts that are under 4 months are not able to adopt the following pets. If your pet is one of the below, make sure the person you are lending to is on an account that is 4 months or older. Otherwise, they will not be able to adopt the pet.

    • Restricted or L/E Species Pets
    • Pets that are Level 3 or higher
    • Pets that are certain colours

    Exact colours and species are listed in detail here.


    General Pound/Transfer Facts FAQ

    • TNT's Pound FAQ
    • Weapons and Clothing are removed when a pet is pounded. These should be returned back to the pounder's inventory, but this has been glitchy and items have been lost. To be safe, it is best to remove all weapons and clothing from the pet first.
    • Unrestricted clothing stays on during safe transfer, but weapons are removed. Weapons should be returned back to the pounder's inventory, but this has been glitchy and items have been lost. To be safe, it is best to remove all weapons from the pet first.
    • Unconverted pets DO remain unconverted when transferred or when entering the pound
    • Accounts must be at least 4 months old to use the transfer option.
    • Accounts under 4 months old are restricted as to which pets they can adopt. Complete list is here.
    • Each account has one incoming safe transfer, and one out going safe transfer per CALENDAR month. (it resets as soon as the month changes over, not 30 days)
    • Each Pet may be transferred only once per calendar day (as soon as it passes midnight NST, not 24 hours).
    • You may abandon once per day on each account.
    • You may adopt as many times as you have space for in the same day.
    • You can do all of these within the same day.
    • A pet cannot be abandoned or transferred until it is 7 days old.
    • Lutari still cannot be transferred or pounded successfully.



    neo-netiquette* at the first sign that you may be getting a 'free' avatar. *Thanks Lauzi for the awesome guide 😉

    - Please communicate clearly and in an intelligent manner. Communication is important throughout the process. Asking "plese cn i brrow ur pet" is not going to get you anywhere.

    - Do not refer borrowers to the lenders, unless the lender says it is okay to do so.

    - If you utilize the Pin Option to protect your pets, don't forget to REMOVE it before beginning a transfer.

    If You are Considering Borrowing:

    Please take time to familiarize yourself with the process before neomailing anyone. Lenders may not mind walking you through it, but it will be a better and safer transfer if you fully understand what you are doing before you begin.

    Please understand that Lenders are putting their pets on the line out of pure kindness. They get nothing aout of the lend except for the joy of helping someone else. Please be respectful of lenders and their decisions, even if their decision is that they don't feel comfortable lending to you. If this is the case, don't be offended, and don't demean yourself by begging. A better approach would be to find out exactly what is keeping them back, and fix that if you can. (practice and build up references by borrowing some easier and less expensive pets - like the petpets)

    If/when you do find a lender, please be very careful of their pet and make sure you are able to fulfill the commitment of completing the transfer. Do not attempt to borrow a pet while you are distracted, may have to leave soon, may be interrupted, or when your computer is having problems. It is very important that nothing will prevent you from being at the pound at the time you are supposed to.

    When you borrow a pet, it is a good idea to ask the lender if you can acknowledge them and use them as a reference, or if they would rather remain anonymous.

    If You are Considering Lending

    - Do not lend any pets that are dear to you because you feel you have to pay back your lenders. Lenders are all aware of the risk of losing a pet, and have probably lost at least one pet themselves. No one should EVER ask to borrow a pet that is not for lend, because plain and simple: pets DO get lost despite our best efforts. The only way to keep a pet 100% safe is to keep it on your account for good. 🙂

    - Keep your lending pets on spare accounts, and keep the names of your pets, and spare accounts secret. Never post on the lending boards from a spare account that contains a pet you will be lending. If you decide to lend a pet that is on your main, move it to a spare before posting. Do not ever post the pet names. Do not put links to your spare accounts, or mention your spare account names in your user lookup. Auto Adopters do their 'homework' to gather pet names to add to their auto adopt bots, but *most* of the time, they need your pets name - if get it, your pet may as well have a big red target on its back.

    - DO check references. If someone is willing to lie about their intent to return your pet, why wouldn't they lie about their references? It's quite easy to look at the boards and see who is lending what and just add their name to your references.

    - DO give honest feedback when others come to you to check a reference. It feels horrible to give a bad reference, I hate doing it. But wouldn't it feel even more horrible if you had an 'iffy' lend with someone and gave them a good reference anyway, then that person lost someone's krawk?


    Other Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Lenders

    Stay organized! I have a notepad file with all my quick adopt links, which pets are on which accounts, my standard posts that I use for PLA, and other paragraphs of instructions/information that i copy/paste during the transfer. This helps me immensely. I also maintain a petpage showing everyone to whom I have lent, and honest notes about the transfer. I need to keep this online b/c I don't always play from the same computer.

    If you have a petpage attached to a pet, make sure you copy/paste it in a text file and store it before transferring the pet, as petpages ARE cleared when the pet hits the pound.

    If you've been zapping the petpet, make sure it's not a pile of soot. You can't pound a pet while the pile of soot is attached. Any other petpet (zapped or not) WILL stay the same in transfer (in the zapped form as long as it is not removed).

    If you're going to age any petpets for lending, go look in the pound for a badly named, unpainted pet to adopt and age the petpet on. This will make transfers a LOT easier. Don't lend your faerie yurble with a harris attached to get someone else the harris avatar. That's just silly 😛

    If you are doing a time transfer, keep in mind that neoclocks sometimes get off by a few seconds. Make sure that when you're catching you are at the search page refreshing at least 10 seconds early.

    Adopting Pets on Accounts Under 4 Months Old

    Accounts that are under 4 months can/cannot adopt the following pets
    (I have personally verified most of these on a side, please let me know if you find any thing wrong):

    • Species:
      • Can not adopt- Limited Edition: Krawk, Draik, Cybunny, Poogle, Koi, Chomby, Kiko, Jetsam, Tonu, Hissi and Lutari.
      • Can adopt - All other pet species as long as they are not a restricted colour or level 3+
    • Colour:
      • Can not adopt- baby, christmas,cloud, coconut, desert, disco, electric, faerie, fire, ghost, gold, halloween, island, maraquan, mutant, snow, grey, plushie, rainbow, skunk, snot, spotted, strawberry, any fruit or veggie colours,
      • Can adopt - blue, brown, checkered, glowing, green, orange, pink, red, robot, shadow, speckled, split, white, yellow, as long as they are not LE or level 3+
      • Still need to verify (let me know if you have a pet of this colour that is level 1 or 2 for me to check): alien, biscuit, camouflage, chocolate, clay, custard, ice, invisible, jelly, pirate, silver, sketch, sponge, spotted, starry, striped, Tyrannian
    • Level
      • Can not adopt- Level 3+
      • Can adopt - Level 1 and 2 as long as it is not a restricted colour or species


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