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Neopets Habitarium Guide

Posted on April 30, 2015

Game Layout

Habitarium is a new, interactive game that allows you to take care of Petpetpets (P3s).
There are 3 types of P3's: Mootix, Pinchit, and Larnkin.
There are 3 different jobs available for your P3s: Worker, Soldier and Nester. Each have specific skills that will help in gameplay.

  • Workers: Gather, Build and Fight
  • Nesters: Breed and Gather
  • Soldiers: Fight and Build

So what do these jobs mean?
Workers are best suited for gathering resources and building. They won't gather on their own though, you need to give them some direction. To direct them, click a P3 with you mouse, then drag and drop it next to the resource you want it to gather. If you have two resources close to each other they might not latch onto the right one, keep trying in different places around the correct resource, they'll get it eventually. Workers are also great at building/repairing buildings and can sometimes fight.

Soldiers spend most of their time wandering around. They are very important though, as they will fight off invaders. Invaders can hurt your P3s and even cause them to die! Soldiers will automatically attack invaders unless they are placed inside a building. Soldiers can also build/repair a damaged building, just place them next to it and they should get to work. Remember to check their health after every attack, you want to keep these guys as healthy as you can!

Nesters are the only P3s that can breed. Breeding is important because P3s can die and you need new ones to take their place. Also, as your level gets higher your Habitarium can increase in size, allowing room for a larger number of P3s. To breed, a Nester must be placed in a nest. These must be built and can be found in the Shop under 'Buildings'. Just place your nester in the nest and wait. And wait. And wait. Yes it takes a while but it's worth is. You will see the egg getting larger and larger. A nester must be on the egg for it to grow, so be sure to put them back after checking on your egg! If your nester is too tired to go back on the nest, you can put a different nester on it, even if it's a different species of nester! .When you lift up the Nester and see a shaking egg, it's ready to hatch. Take the nester off and click the egg. You will be able to see what type of P3 it will hatch into. There is a new bar that shows up under the nest that will fill when the egg is ready. You can Harvest - puts the egg in your inventory, Hatch - a new P3 enters your Habitat, or Discard - bye, bye little egg! 🙁 (You do gain 200xp for discarding though!) Also, if you leave the egg for too long, it may hatch on its own!
**DON'T DISCARD FROM INVENTORY, TAKE IT OUT FIRST** Some players have reported that you don't get the xp when you discard directly from your inventory!
**Also, P3s will only breed a p3 of the same species (pinchit to pinchit, etc), but you can switch out nesters if you want.**

All of your P3s require attention from time to time, to make sure they stay healthy, and more importantly alive! Keep an eye on their Health/Hunger/Energy by clicking a P3, then look at the status circle (The circle with antennaes in the lower center of the screen) Click the right arrow and you will be able to see these stats. If one of the bars is low, be sure to direct them to what they need. The house and hospital will both refresh all 3 stats. (The hospital is faster.)At lvl 1 your house can hold three P3s, when upgraded it holds five (You must be lvl 13 to upgrade).

  • Heart = Health, place them in a house/hospital or feed them nectar
  • Knife/Fork = Hunger, place them in a house/hospital or feed them (Cornmeal, Cheese, Bacon)
  • Zz's = Energy, place them in a house/hospital or feed them (Apple, Candy, Jelly)

Remember to remove your pets from the house when their bars are all full, the lazy bugs won't leave on their own!
This also goes for eating, they'll consume all your food if your not careful!Keep an eye on their hunger as they eat, when they are full send them back to work!
You can also move food back into your inventory to keep them from eating when they don't need to! This also prevents it from being attacked. Leave some out if you plan to log out for an extended period of time though!

Why do I need to gather resources?
Resources are like currency in this game, they allow you to build building, make food, upgrade, etc.
There are 6 different resources: Wood, Mud, Stone, Pollen, Water, and Grass.
The resources you gather go into your Storage building (The tall gnarled tree). A storage building can hold up to 2500 or each resource so if you are maxed out, be sure to build another storage building! At level 21 you can upgrade to lvl 2 storage, which will increase the max to 3500. **The storage unit will highlight the resource in green that it cannot hold anymore.**

Resources can be damaged by invaders. A damaged resource cannot be harvested until it is fixed. You must wait 3 hours for a resource to be fixed, or a kind Neofriend can repair it for you.
**Also, the blue pests/invaders only attack when you have the game open. Leaving food out in your Habitarium will encourage more invader attacks.**
After fighting off invaders be sure to click on the red gems that appear, to gain xp!

Habitarium allows you to interact with other players. Not only can they repair your resources, they can also send you gifts, heal your P3's stats, and raid you! Your friends show up on the bar at the bottom of your game -blocked-
**Many players are experiencing errors that only allow them to see certain friends on their list**

Send Gift:



As you gain levels you will be able to upgrade your buildings to allow them to hold more pets/resources, heal stats faster, and incubate eggs more quickly.
To upgrade a building, you must click on the building then click the upgrade button.

Upgrade Info:

13 House 950 600 1300
17 Nest 800 850 1050
21 Storage 3400 1250 1800

Max level is now 50!

Once you reach max level, every time the purple XP bar fills you will gain a purple gem. Click on the gem to receive 200nps!

Q. One of my resources looks different/wilted/dead and my P3's just stay there harvesting indefinitely without getting anything, what's wrong?!
A. Your resource has been damaged in an attack, it will be back to normal in 3 hours or a neofriend can repair it.

Q. What kinds of things can be harvested?
A. Grass, Bogs, Water, Trees, Flowers, and Rocks.

Q. One of my P3's just eats and eats and eats and eats, what do I do?
A. Gluttonous P3's need a job, place them next to a resource and get them back to work!

Q. My P3 keeps eating but it still says he's hungry, what do I do?
A. There are different types of food and they do different things. The candy gives energy but doesn't help with hunger. Go to the shop and click "Supplies" hover over each type of food and it will tell you want is does.

There is currently an issue with Pinchit eggs where they disappear when you harvest them. **(Only Nester eggs disappear, worker/soldier eggs seem unaffected)**

Q. I have an egg in my inventory, what do I do with it?
A. Take the egg out and place it in your Habitarium. Click the egg then choose whether you want to harvest, hatch, or discard it.

Q. Does my Nester need to stay on the egg in the nest?
A. Yes, the egg needs to be incubated before it can hatch.

Q. When will my egg hatch?
A. Eggs don't hatch on their own, periodically check on your egg by picking up the nester. You will see the egg getting larger the longer you wait. When the egg is ready to hatch it will be large and bounce up and down. Place the Nester off of the nest and click the egg, you can choose to hatch or harvest it.

Q. My Nester has been on the nest for a while now but I still don't see an egg, what's wrong?
A. If an egg doesn't show up even after you've been waiting a while, just refresh the page and you should be able to see them.

Q. When I hatch an egg, the P3 from the egg gets stuck in the nest, what do I do?
A. This is a new problem which has developed after the Reset. Some users have reported that refreshing or moving the nest fixes this, but not for everyone. **I'll update when I get more info on this glitch!**

Q. Can I put a different nester on an egg after it's already incubating?
A. Yes, you egg will continue to grow regardless of wether you switch which nester is on it. You can take a Pinchit nester off and put a Mootix or Larnkin nester on the egg and vice-versa.

Q. My P3 has a thought bubble with a heart above it's head, what does this mean?
A. Your P3 is injured, place him in your home or buy nectar and place him next to it to eat.

Q. My P3's just wander around am I doing something wrong?
A. P3's need some direction, place them next to a resource so they can harvest! (Soldiers can't harvest so they will spend most of their time patrolling until an attack..)

Q. I can't see the info about my P3's, the round bubble isn't working for me.
A. This is a common problem at the moment. Try: Refreshing, or using different browser, if it still doesn't work send in a bug report. Remember, the game is still in Beta mode and has some kinks!

Q. How do I get more soldiers?
A. You have to hatch more, and yes it's random so keep trying!

Q. I don't have any friends who play, how can I find some?
A. Visit the Habitarium Addicts Anonymous board to find fellow players! Don't be shy, just ask them to Neofriend you!

Q. My Neofriends aren't showing up on my Habitarium page, what do I do?
A. It takes some time for them to show up, refresh the page periodically and eventually they should show up.

Q. I can't build a building, what's wrong?
A. You need to make sure you have enough resources to build a particular building. Also, some building require a certain level and will have a lock next to them.

Q. How do I move one of my buildings/decorations?
A. Open your item bag and you will see little circles with plus signs pop up over all the things you can move. Just click and drag to where you want it.

Q. My building keep getting damaged, what should I do?
A. You can add some protection to your buildings by placing items around them:

Q. My storage is full, what do I do?
A. You can build another storage or upgrade your existing one at level 21. **(Upgrade costs: 3,400 Wood, 1250 Mud, and 1800 Stone)**

Q. I'm not sure what certain items do, how do I find out?
A. Hovering over an item with your cursor will bring up info about it.

Q. What do the symbols in the shop mean?
A. Certain items can only be bought with NC and will have a dollar icon next to them. Items with a bag in the upper left corner mean you already own them.

**Neofriends can only raid you when you close the game. When you open the game again, a notice will pop up telling you who raided you, what (and how many) resources were stolen, and whether any of your p3s were killed.**

Q. What happens when I raid someone?
A. Raiding gives you a chance to steal resources from one of your neofriends. Take care though. Your P3s can die or you can end up killing your friend's P3. Also, you aren't guaranteed to get any resources out of it!

Inks can be used to paint your buildings and P3's. You can purchase then from shop (some require NC). You may also get lucky and be awarded some after leveling. You can remove ink, but it won't be returned to your item bag. Once you use it, it's gone!

Here are the buildings with their default colors and what they look like with the basic inks that are available:




To Reset:

Q:If you buy an NC ink drop for a P3 and it dies, do you get the ink drop back? Or is it used up forever?
A: Unfortunately you lose it forever.

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