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Is there a list of items that your neopets can wear?

Posted on December 23, 2015

Question by Evie: Is there a list of items that your neopets can wear?

I have been playing neopets for a while but I don't want to spend a fortune of real money just to buy neocash so I can put clothes on my neopet. So I was wondering if there was a list of clothes that I can wear that can be baught with neopoints?

Thanks :o)

Best answer:

Answer by Candice U
go to the market place. You can buy clothes for evey neopet there.

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  1. Yes you can these are wearable items that your neopets can ACTUALLY wear. Here is the site: . It shows you what items a certain neopet can wear using neopoints not neocash=) I love to play neopets. I also don’t want to use real money so I searched neopets customisation a couple of months ago and sunny neo came up.

  2. These following websites also have a wide range of items your pets can wear, so you may be able to find something you like.

    If you restock there is a list of shops where you can buy wearable items, including balls, background, etc.

    There are a fair few cheap wearable items, but unfortunately a lot of them are fairly expensive and over the 20,000 neopoint range.

  3. If you sign up to and then use their item database you can find what items are wearable.

    Simply click the ‘Special List’ box and choose ‘Custom Clothes’. All these items can be worn.

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