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How Do You Make Neopoints In Habitarium?

Posted on June 4, 2016

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  1. @AiPriestess
    It took me I think a little over a month to hit level 50. I keep more workers than everything else and only hatch as many nesters as nestsis th I have. I get more picky with numbers (ex. 30 workers, 10 soldiers, 10 nesters, when trying to level up)

  2. How did you get your habby to lvl 50 so quickly? I’m at lvl 22 and I’m struggling to scrape up experience and I beg others for nests yet little has changed. Do you keep a certain amount of p3’s for each job, like more workers than nesters, or vise versa? Sorry for my silly little questions. n___n;

  3. Dang I got to start habitarium again! (gooey9458)

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